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Friends Only


Hello people! This journal is FRIENDS ONLY.

All my fanfictions can be found at the fanfiction community I made in which I dragged [info]neenashareefa to be my accomplice in spreading our creepy love for Arashi pairings especially for Ohmiya here:

[info]yume_no_kuukan [info]yume_no_kuukan [info]yume_no_kuukan [info]yume_no_kuukan

Thank you so much!


Help Philippines Fanfiction Auction - time to bid!

Hello again, everyone! First and foremost,


As I mentioned earlier about the fundraising being held at [info]help_pilipinas, I have signed up as a writer for the fanfiction auction. You can find my bidding thread for oneshots HERE and the one for drabbles HERE. I also signed up for the short multi-chapter, but for some reason they didn't list me, and signing is already closed, so. T_T I'll just do my best with what I can.

Bidding has already started and will end on the 16th of January. As we are allowed to write more than one fic, I'll do my best to accomodate up to the top 3 bidder's request (if I get any bid at all xD). As you all know, I have been absent from the fandom for the last three months, so I really want to do this and officially come back as a fanfiction writer, while at the same time, being able to help make a difference to all the people still suffering from the calamity in my mother country.

Once again, mechanics for the auction can be found HERE.

I can only offer this much, but I'm praying and hoping with all my heart that my fellow filipinos and my mother country will be able to get back to their feet in no time. Every little thing can make a huge difference. ;) I will definitely do my best as well. Thoughts and love are much appreciated!

$1-for-a-drabble help_pilipinas fund-raising!

Okay, so [info]help_pilipinas created this fund-raising activity to help our mother country Philippines to get back on it's feet. I am not living in the Philippines at the moment, and thankfully none of my relatives there were heavily affected by the calamity, but looking at the pictures and videos taken, it broke my heart to see my fellow Filipinos and my mother country in such state. Which is why, I plan to help in any way I can. I'm offering my fan fictions for auction (mechanics about the auction can be found HERE, please visit and bid if interested), and I also signed up for this $1-for-a-drabble activity!

So request away! Fellow Filipino or not, I hope some of us will be able to do something of help, even our thoughts and prayers are enough. I'm willing to write you a drabble of 500 to 1000 words for $1. You know which pairing I write the most, (ohmiya *coughs*), and of course, you know how and what I usually write, but for this, I'll be willing to write anything for you guys. <;3

For requests, instead of commenting on this post, please comment HERE instead. Our thoughts and love will be much appreciated!